Standardized yet flexible: A package that is adaptable to suit all conditions and environments

OPRA Turbine’s scope of supply is not limited to the core turbine! We deliver a fully packaged and fully tested system on a compact 20 ft x 8 ft footprint. Depending on the type of application, our highly skilled team will utilize pre-engineered modules and design a package suitable for your site conditions and environment. Each OP16 Package consists of two standard size containers stacked one on top of the other; the top one containing the air filtration system and the bottom one holding the OP16 Gas Turbine, gearbox, generator, and necessary auxiliary equipment and systems. The control room can be provided according to your preference; inside, attached to, or external to the OP16 Package. OP16 Packages are tested at full electric load before they are shipped to our customers, ensuring short and smooth on-site installation and commissioning.

Suitable for Various Applications

The OP16 Package can be equipped to run in any weather conditions ranging from arctic temperatures to desert environments. The package can be designed for various installation conditions from offshore platforms, on-board marine applications, to multipoint onshore installations.

Simple Implementation

The OP16 Package consists of a containerized design which is easy to transport and install with quick connectors. The OP16 Package configuration can be selected to allow maintenance from the right or left side.

Safety and Environment

Designed with state-of-the-art safety systems and all oil lines contained inside, the OP16 Package puts both safety and environment to the forefront.

Outdoor Installation

The OP16 Package is suitable for outdoor installation. An anti-icing system is available to allow successful operation in extreme arctic conditions with temperatures down to -60 ˚C. This system does not increase energy consumption, instead it recirculates heat within the package. The OP16 Package is proven to withstand the harsh, corrosive conditions of marine environments as well the extreme heat and sandstorms of the desert.

Long Maintenance Intervals

To ensure the OP16 Package runs efficiently with as little maintenance as possible, the package features generator bearings with automatic lubrication, duplex oil filter, sensor calibration valves, and a modular system design. Maintenance-relevant parts have been designed to be easily accessible.

Low Noise Emissions Levels

The standard OP16 Package has a noise emission level of below 80 dB(A). A silent version featuring extra layers of sound insulation attains a level as low as 70 dB(A).


The OP16 Gas Turbine creates value in your application!

The OP16 Gas Turbine is a highly efficient and sophisticated yet simple solution which can be adapted to suit the needs of your business. Using our energy expertise we help you to optimize the production of power and heat by effectively using fuel sources that are available to you. The OP16 Radial Gas Turbine has been designed to ensure maximum fuel flexibility and low emissions allowing OPRA Turbines to lead the world’s energy transition with clean and sustainable energy.