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August 6 - 2019

OPRA Announces Major Overhaul Contract For Off Shore Units

May this year, OPRA has received a major overhaul contract for the three OP16 Gas Turbine units located on the Piranema Teekay platform.

This is already the second cycle of overhauls for the Piranema platform sited in Brazil and currently equipped with three OP16-3A dual fuel all-radial gas turbine generators. The total contract includes the major overhaul of the gas turbines generator packages, field service and equipment installation support.

The OP16 packages were commissioned in 2007. Since then the customer has successfully been able to reduce the carbon emission significantly by 30 – 40%. The vessel required a power source which could run on both diesel and associated gas to meet the base load requirement and, due to limited space availability, the solution needed to be compact and lightweight.

“The overhaul contract for the Piranema OP16 units is a major milestone for OPRA and is a key indicator of the Aftermarket Business Unit  growth. These remote located units have been operating for more than 10 years, and they’re still running strongly,” said Hilbert Elsinga, Aftermarket & Service Director at OPRA , “this second major overhaul not only refurbishes the units but will add up-to-date technology and upgrades in order to enhance the customer experience extending the lifetime of our product while securing their investment”.

OPRA is proud of the longstanding relationship with Teekay which began in 2006 with the first order. The strategic focus on the aftermarket activities, together with the proven reliability of the OP16, is  the main pillar of OPRA’s strategy plan for long term profitability and growth.

Sep 21
VIRTUAL CONFERENCE Turbomachinery Technical Conference & Exposition

Sachin Menon, OPRA’s former master student, will present the paper “Numerical Investigation of 100% Premixed Hydrogen Combustor at Gas Turbines Conditions Using Detailed Chemistry” at ASME Turbo Expo on 21-25 September.

Sep 30
WEBINAR Oil And Gas: Utilizing Associated Gases Directly To Generate Clean Electricity

Join us and AIREM Energy for a live webinar on Wednesday, September 30 at 16:30 CET.  In this webinar, Christoph Zahn and Ryan Zwicker will introduce OPRA and AIREM Energy’s successful partnership; upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas; and e emissions reduction through minimization of flaring. Save your seat!


Oct 06
VIRTUAL EXHIBITION World Waste to Energy and Resources Summit

OPRA will be participating at the World Waste to Energy and Resources Summit in London from 6-7 October 2020.

Oct 14

Join OPRA Turbines live webinar “Introducing KALTIMEX. How customers in Indonesia, Bangladesh and the Philippines will benefit from this new partnership” on October 14, 2020 at 10:30 CET. Sign up here!


Oct 21
WEBINAR Advantages Of Using Multiple OPRA Units For A Larger Power Loads

Join our webinar on October 21 at 16:30 CET to learn about cost effectiveness of using multiple units, emissions and performance advantages during load-following; future expansion capability due to our modular approach. Register Now!

Oct 28
WEBINAR OPRA’s Power Generation Rental Solutions

Join our free webinar on October 28, 2020 at 16:30 CET to see OPRA’s power generation rental solution and its financial benefits. Reserve your spot now!

Nov 05
EXHIBITION CIIE, 5-10 November 2020

OPRA will exhibit at the 3rd China International Import Expo, CIIE, from 5 to 10 of November 2020