Press Release

September 6 - 2021

Introducing OPRA Engineering Solutions

OPRA Turbines B.V., a leading manufacturer of advanced OP16 gas turbine based generator sets, announces the establishment of OPRA Engineering Solutions under the OPRA Group.

OPRA Engineering Services will focus on product development, analysis, testing, and technical consultancy, mainly in the energy sector but with obvious association to aerospace, marine, and other industries.

“With 30 years of experience, we already have a strong position in developing innovative technical solutions, now we are looking to expand this position extensively, giving our activities in the area a big boost and a more independent drive. OPRA Engineering Solutions will capitalize on OPRA’s decades of experience in combustion technology and turbomachinery design remaining a solid knowledge center within OPRA.” Lars-Uno Axelsson, Director OPRA Engineering Solutions.

“While our commitment to all OPRA’s OP16 customers and partners remains our top priority, the setup of an independent OPRA Engineering Solutions entity allows us to leverage our advanced engineering competence and make them available to 3rd parties, also for non-OEM requests. OPRA has a truly unique combination of engineering know-how on one side and test & assembly facilities on the other side. This allows for fast-track, focused engineering projects, integrating design with immediate subsequent prototype validation.” Juha Van Riet, CEO OPRA Turbines.

Oct 14
WEBINAR Stop Flaring, Start Monetising Your Associated Gas Now

Join OPRA Turbines & Transwater free webinar on Stop Flaring, Start Monetising Your Associated Gas Now on October 14, 2021, at 15:00 MYT | 9:00 CEST. Register now!

Oct 15
VIRTUAL CONFERENCE The International Gas Turbine Conference (IGTC)

OPRA Engineering Solutions will present a paper on Retrofit and optimization solutions at IGTC. Join us on October 15, 2021, from 15:00-16:30 (CEST).

Oct 26
EXHIBITION Heat & Power 2021

OPRA is exhibiting at Heat & Power 2021  in Moscow from 26-28 October 2021. Visit us to learn more about our products and services! We look forward to seeing you at our booth.

Nov 23

OPRA Turbines will present a paper  ‘Distributed energy solutions as a catalyst for a successful energy transition of the industry in the Netherlands’ at DGTA. The OPRA presentation will take place on 23 November at 10:15 CET. Register now!

Feb 01

OPRA Turbines will join the SPE Offshore Europe exhibition taking place in Aberdeen, UK from  1-4 February 2022.